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Environmentalism with attitude: the importance of psychology

June 19, 2017


Although public support can be crucial in achieving aquatic management goals, management approaches often receive little input from disciplines that focus on the relationship between humans and the environment.  A recently-published paper used case studies, some specifically relating to freshwater issues, to show how environmental psychology and natural sciences can work together to successfully tackle […]

Green covers improve drainage channels

June 1, 2016

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In urban environments, the ubiquity of impervious surfaces increases rainfall runoff and the risk of flash flooding. These problems can be addressed by widening and deepening drainage canals, but usually at the risk of further habitat degradation. As a result, there ‘s increasing interest in low-impact environmentally-sensitive designs that simultaneously improve flood control and ecosystem […]

Stream-bed stability: differing effects of floods

December 18, 2015

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Floodwaters are often released from dams to rejuvenate channel form and aquatic habitats, but in the process, large volumes of sediment can be transferred downstream. Therefore, especially in the case of rivers where the sediment supply is limited, it’s useful to be able to predict how different flows affect particle mobilisation and retention. In a […]

Stream-bed stability: how best to measure it?

December 18, 2015

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Most research on the impacts of water flow on stream environments has been carried out in low-gradient channels. As a result, relationships between flow strength and stream bed mobility in steep mountain systems haven’t been well described. To characterise high-flow disturbance in mountain streams, an international research team investigated twenty headwater streams in the Upper […]

Effects of river regulation on floodplain biodiversity

December 18, 2015

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The natural flow regime of a river has a key influence on the ecology and biodiversity of its floodplain ecosystems. River regulation, in the form of infrastructure for water supply, irrigation, flood mitigation, power generation and other functions, can drastically modify streamflow patterns. Despite the impact of river regulation on flow there have been surprisingly […]

Modelling catchment water flows at the right scale

October 15, 2015

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Large-scale patterns of catchment water flow are most accurately represented by integrating small-scale processes across space and time. Typically, contemporary hydrological models combine remote sensing data on land cover, land use and topography with soil information, but decisions have to be made about the resolution of the data to be used in model simulations. To […]

Speeding up stream mapping

March 23, 2015

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Information on stream cross-sections is a basic requirement in many areas of hydraulic design, flood control, water resource planning and ecological restoration. Traditionally, cross-sections are plotted by using weighted lines to take a series of soundings across the channel. This can be an expensive process in terms of labour, time and money. Also, when streams […]