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Recognising the biodiversity value of ponds

January 14, 2019


Although pond habitats have been relatively neglected by conservationists, several studies have shown that ponds can contribute more to regional biodiversity than running waters.  Because they are isolated, small in size and often poorly protected by conservation programmes, pond ecosystems are highly vulnerable to environmental threats such as those presented by urbanisation.  To help provide […]

Getting the message across

October 8, 2018

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Since recreational boaters can unintentionally spread invasive aquatic species while transporting boats and equipment from one body of water to another, it’s important that management agencies communicate the need for boaters to clean, drain and dry their gear after use.  Researchers used a questionnaire-based approach to find out if the way the “clean, drain and […]

Research on insect emergence warms up

October 8, 2018

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Long-term data show that climate change affects ecosystem functioning and the body size distributions of animal species, but more information is needed to understand the mechanisms underlying these changes.  There’s a need for experimental studies that take account of linkages between the aquatic and terrestrial environment and that simulate changes in the intensity and frequency […]

Small fish species are more at risk

October 8, 2018

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Large-bodied animal species tend to have relatively low fecundity, long generation times and slow growth rates, which makes for low population turnover and a heightened risk of extinction.  This trend seems to be true for vertebrates such as mammals and marine fish, but not, it seems, for freshwater fish.  Australian ecologists explored the relationship between […]

Floodplain fisheries and overexploitation

October 8, 2018

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The floodplain fishery in the Pantanal region of South America, one of the biggest wetlands in the world,  illustrates the difficulties often faced in managing resources in complex, highly changeable environments.  In the late 1970s and early 1980s, traditional small-scale commercial fishers accounted for around three-quarters of the fish catch.  In the absence of scientific […]

Freshwater conservation needs flagship umbrellas

March 26, 2018

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Flagship species are surrogate species that are used to raise public awareness and funds for conservation, while umbrella species are those which ensure that a wide range of co-occurring species are conserved when they themselves are afforded protection.  In principle, conservation efforts should be enhanced by identifying species – dubbed “flagship umbrellas” – that combine […]

Mosquitofish threaten frogs

September 25, 2017

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The mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki, is one of the most invasive freshwater fish species in the world.  Although it’s been widely introduced for mosquito control, it has a broad diet that includes algae, higher plants, detritus, invertebrates and fish.  As a result, the species has negative predatory and competitive effects on native fish.   Although declines in […]